Healing Energy

This mantra or positive affirmation came to me while I was doing some self-reiki. The healing energy seemed to flow stronger while I was saying it.

"I am happy. I am healthy."

"I am beautiful, I am gorgeous."

"I am fine, I am spiritual, I am okay."

Thought that might be of value to some of you.

Thanks Maria.



On School of Thoughts

Our thoughts come to us at any time of the day. At night, we have dreams. Hence our minds operate randomly when it comes to thoughts. When we remember and recall things, it is part of a thought process too. When we recall about good things that invigorate and inspire us, we call those positive thoughts. As you can see, this is a very random process.

At times, we feel helpless when there is a deluge of negative thoughts coming out of no where. Its something we don't want, but these negative thoughts just overcome us. It can be at a social setting, an office meeting or while driving along the highway.

Now let Maria Duval share with you some ways in which these negative thoughts can be contained.

You need to do is learn to stop thinking about it all of the time. There are always two side of a coin or the half empty or half full example. Our minds are flexible and the more better side of the thought you exert, the better it will be naturally.

Take for example, you are in debt. Instead of lamenting how much money is used to pay off these liabilities, you can adjust and tell yourself you are getting richer each month as you pay them off. It is same situation but the state of thought has changed completely!

Every person has to take control of his or her own thoughts!

Maria Duval challenges you to seize back control of your thoughts, and turn this into a habit and an automatic process to gain on the ever increasing positives that you have in your life.



Spiritual Inside

Your spiritual side needs as a lot of fostering as your body or your mind. Usually, we're more conscious that our body is getting out of form or that our thoughts wants some excitements, but it's more tough to find out when your spirit is lacking and what to do about it. Discovering spirituality for your every day life will end in an improved outlook on life and really make you much better outfitted to improve your body and mind. You'll be able to discover stability in life and be better capable of define your true self and lead the perfect life possible.

If we're disconnected from our spirit, we are leaving ourselves open to the damaging influences within the world. A each day dedication to your spiritual nourishment will certainly get you on the right track to leading a beautiful life. Nourishing your spiritual self is as important as nourishing your body. That every day commitment can come in a variety of forms to best suit your personal tastes

Once you have received some regular spiritual connections in your life, you can see that you've got better control of your life and that you may create a life that is more suited to your true self. You may be better able to block out the detrimental influences and begin bringing activities and people into your life that will make you better outfitted to cope with the trials and tribulations of life. Whether it is just a little "bump within the street" or an ongoing battle with depression, anger or detrimental thinking, discovering spirituality will allow you to be able to eliminate the stuff that is taking away the enjoyment of life and open up your thoughts to all of the positive aspects of life.



Smile and Self-Confidence Is A Must

Should you ask a very assured individual what makes her or him that way or what do they do to be self-assured, they may likely be unable to answer. That's because all they do derives naturally to them and in fact, it is extremely natural. Have you ever ever observed intently a 2 year old or perhaps a smaller child? They project self-confidence and that is because no one taught them the best way to be otherwise. To be confident is natural and it's in our nature to smile. Thanks, Maria Duval for that.

A smile tells a lot. It communicates that you simply like what you see but most importantly that you are at ease with yourself and calm. I am speaking about an actual, warm smile not a pretend and tense one. The form of smile that begins from the eyes, not from the mouth. The type that lasts in your face. In case your whole face smiles and appears calm, people will learn into it and understand that you are confident enough to take pleasure in whatever you're then enjoying. Additionally, a smile will make you feeling better and blissful people are also so much more positive.

Try to maintain a lightweight smile in your face on a regular basis, however don`t pretend it. Individuals will detect a fake smile or gesture a mile away. Smile like you accept the world you're part of and like you really enjoy spending time with the people who are in front of you. You'll notice that they'll relate in a much nicer way when you smile and that may enhance your self-confidence more.



Is the block setting in?

Sadly to say that I ain't able to keep up with this blog last couple of months. Things have been going so smoothly in life, partly due to Maria Duval's guidance, that I feel I am in a highway all the time. Yes, it is fast and thrilling and not much for me to come here to grudge about.

I guess that the positive aspect is that there is always a safe "normal" state to fall back into in my life. It strikes out to me that the most people usually behave in a continual level of being tired and numb, running through their daily routine without noticing anything that seems worth thinking or remarking about.

Maybe it is due to the tiredness setting in taking, but the more I think about it, the truer it seems that even the folks I find friendly tend to tell the same kind of stories, or even the exact same stories, over and over.

This brings me to wonder since it's been about three years of blogging. Am I back to the same square yet again and repeat all over? While the particular details have changed a bit, is it essentially the same story, told over and over. It's just like boiling the same soup but using another dose of ingredients.



How Can A Psychic Help You Make Sense Of Your Life?

Each person's life is filled with a number of activities, events and worries. Sometimes we try dealing with so many things at once that we become muddled and confused and life simply doesn't seem to make any sense any more. Other times we may be going through a rough spot in a career or personal relationship and our feelings over what is happening now blinds us to what may be at the other side of these very real problems. A Psychic can help you refocus on those things that are important and help you make sense of your life.


You may be unhappy with your career or job. Perhaps, you were overlooked for that promotion you felt you have worked for and deserved. Perhaps, you have been offered another job by another company and simply can't decide to stay with the job you have or take the offer. Maybe, you have a good job that pays well but, simply feel unhappy with your job and dread going to work each day.

While the solutions to all these problems may lay before you, your worries just won't let you see what you should do. A Psychic may be able to help you clarify your feelings and see that which you are overlooking. Once you become aware of that missing part, your career and the choices you need to make become clear. You will then be able to proceed with confidence knowing that you are headed in the right direction or at least how to change direction.


Everyone from time to time has worries and problems with their relationships. You and your spouse may be having problems and you may be wondering how to heal the relationship or end it. Perhaps, you are always choosing the wrong person to have a relationship with and getting hurt.

Maybe, your difficulty is with a child or a sibling and you simply don't know what to do to make things better. A skilled Psychic can help you understand what makes you repeat the same mistakes over and over and how to overcome them. They can help you to see how your fears or anger may be preventing you from having the relationship you want to have.

In General

A Psychic may not help you with any of those problems in particular they may just help you to see those things you should be focusing on and the big picture rather than dwelling on minute problems. They may simply point out to you the tools you have to find the answers yourself and how to use those tools to your best advantage.

A Psychic helps you make sense out of your life simply by helping you refocus on those things that will take you down the path you want to go and remind you what tools you have to get you there. They do this by helping you understand your past mistakes, see your current situation more clearly and help you to know what may lie ahead depending on the choices you make.

Keith Ward is the Founder and Director of the Circle of Professional Clairvoyants, which offers Psychic Readings with fully qualified Senior UK Clairvoyants and Psychics.



Someone has better life than you?

We always think that our lives would be so much different and better if we were so and so. I think this mentality is plain wrong and silly. We have got to accept who we are and live on with our lives. I am referring to those who are living quite a decent life and meals to eat everyday. We should be grateful instead to the Higher Spiritual for ample providence.

Sometimes when you switch on the TV or flip the papers, you would see so many less fortunate people feeling the famine, war, flood, drought and all soughts of unfortunate events. Aren't they are 10 time worse then you?

Many people regard life as an adventure with lots of surprises. Yes. However, we still should view life with our own eyes rather than thinking about other's presumably better lives. Life has so much to offer to you and think what you have for life in return. What do you really want to do in life?

I am grateful with my life and every mess in it, because without them, my life would be empty and nobody wants to lead an empty life. So next time you complain about the tiny little problems you have, remember that it's better than no problem at all.

Then the second best thing to be grateful is family. Whoever you are, wherever you are or whomever you are with, always remember that family means home and vice versa. At the end of the day, just look for the people who stick around for you and smile.